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The FUPA was designed to solve (almost) all the problems we see with concealed carry fanny packs. Most of them are designed with fashion in mind first, concealed carry in mind second. This is our version of a concealed carry bias perfect blend. 

Designed to be as versatile as possible without sacrificing the core product, the FUPA is able to accommodate pretty much anything you can throw at it. It has a loop velcro interior to accept countless holster mounting options, zippers that unzip all the way to get fabric out of the way of your gun and not slow down your access, a hidden pouch on back that can accept mag, TQ, gun, and countless other inserts, the ability to be set up as a dangler or mounted straight on to molle, a removable strap if adding a pad or longer strap for cross body wear is desired, interior tie off tabs to add limiting straps if desired, and so much more. 

We will never be able to explain just how accommodating of different setups this pack really is but hopefully the photo examples will help your mind run wild with possibilities.

Made in the USA

*Solid colors do not have a velcro patch spot on front since their intended function is to blend in more.

*Camo patterns come AS IS. Due to the nature of camo we cannot guarantee or control pattern placement*